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10 heavy construction equipment and their uses

The use of heavy equipment and large machines is essential for the construction industry. It helps to flatten land, move bulky materials, and scale extremely tall structures. The use of heavy equipment also requires a skilled workforce that is able to operate it safely and efficiently.


When choosing the right type of construction equipment, it is important to consider what you need it for and how you will use it. There are various types of construction equipment, each with its own specific features and applications. You should research the options available to you before making a purchase


1.  Excavators

Excavators are a type of heavy construction equipment that’s mostly used for the excavation and moving of the earth. They can also move materials, destroy buildings, and remove plants.

There is a cabinet on excavators where the operator sits and controls the digging bucket. The entire arrangement can be rotated 360 degrees around the excavator’s central point.

The different types of excavators are used for a variety of purposes, the most common being excavation. A wheel excavator moves with huge construction-grade equipment tires; a track excavator uses steel tracks to get around obstacles.

2. Articulated trucks

The articulated trucks are a type of heavy-duty dump truck that many praises for their versatile and adaptable design. Unlike rigid haulers, which consist of only a cab and trailer, articulated trucks also include a wide variety of accessory items such as an attached dump box or side loader. The two connect via a pivoting hinge, making this type of truck ideal for multiple uses in different areas.

These services can be found at many types of job sites, such as:

  • Mining
  • Recycling and scrapping
  • Material and aggregate hauling
  • Utility construction

3. Asphalt Pavers

Asphalt pavers are usually installed in areas with a lot of traffic, and it’s hard to find an unobstructed surface to place the paver. The asphalt paver loads the material into two dump trucks, drives around to different locations, spreads the asphalt over a leveled surface with dispersion drills, and then uses bulldozers or other machines to move the entire mess into position.

Pavers are a great way to lay asphalt in places like

  • Roads both public and private
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Bridge decks

4. Cold Planner

A cold planer is a type of machine that is used for the removal of pavement or asphalt. It has a rotating drum and carbide cutter to mill the material. The important thing about using a cold planer is to use it for minimal or in-depth removal. The other important thing to remember when using a cold planer is not to overheat the machine, as this can create sparks that can damage metal parts on the blade assembly.

A cold planer is a versatile tool that can be used for many different purposes.

  • It can be used to mill asphalt for new roads or other projects
  • Repair existing damage
  • Smooth land before paving to minimize any future potholes or cracks.

5. Compactors

A plate compactor is a machine used to crush and compact objects by using a heavy, vertically vibrating plate. The force generated by the plate and the quick, repetitive movements work together to break down and compress debris into a level, flat area.

Compactors use a plate compactor to flatten soil, sand, or gravel expanse. The compacted material is then used for construction and land reclamation purposes. Compactors are also used in the food industry to reduce space requirements and improve efficiency in the production process.

6. Dozers

A dozer is a machine that moves earth, sand, snow, or dirt with blades that can push objects. There are many different types of dozers, including the flat blade dozer and curved universal blade dozer. The flat blade dozer is the most common type of dozer because it has a straight edge and uses a heavy-duty track to move the object.

The curved universal blade Dozers use an edgeless straight-blade instead of a round one so that they can move more debris than traditional knives due to their Curved Universal Blade design, which helps them get around obstacles better when moving bigger debris like rocks or sand.

7. Draglines

In surface mining, excavation above ground, and other applications, draglines are used to reach extensive depths. Wire-based drag and hoist ropes are attached to a tall boom arm in draglines. A bucket attached to these ropes can be moved to and from its application by suspending the bucket in the air through a webbing system.

The basket is then lowered into position over the target area beneath the mine or excavation site, allowing for accurate measurements and measurements essential to successful mining operations.

8. Drills

The rotary blast hole drill is a type of heavy equipment used for drilling holes at mine sites. It is designed to be easy and fast to use, making it perfect for busy excavation crews. The autonomous drill features three different settings that can help you complete projects quickly and safely.

A variety of automated drills might include features such as depth tracking, automatic leveling, retracting and drilling, and HVAC systems to cool while limiting dust exposure.


Non-automated drills are a valuable addition to any workshop. They offer the ability to drill holes with pinpoint accuracy, remove obstacles and debris with ease, and even weld metal without leaving any scars.

9. Electric Rope Shovels

Electric rope shovels are valuable for mining sites because they can endure tough working conditions and easily move large quantities of overburden and ore. Additionally, electric rope shares have fewer moving parts that can wear out over time, which makes them ideal for use in difficult or dangerous environments.

Electric rope shovels are perfect for reducing the amount of energy used in manual labor, such as digging and grading. Additionally, they are easy to operate, making them a better choice for larger projects or when there is an abundance of electricity available.

10. Hydraulic Mining Shovels

Hydraulic mining shovels use hydraulic components for consistent, powerful digging and material movement, even at challenging mine sites. The hydraulic mining shovels are long-lasting and easy to use. Numerous applications can be performed using them, such as deep hole drilling, hard rock removal, surface excavation, conveyor belt passage testing, tunnel construction, and more.


To help you get the job done right. We offer a wide variety of heavy construction equipment for sale and rental. We have the perfect tool for your next project, from bulldozers and dump trucks to excavators and Paver Screens. You can contact us for more information about our products or find out how we can help you get the job done right! We offer a variety of heavy construction equipment and machinery that are ideal for your worksite. Call us at 1 877-228-8351  or visit our website to buy or rent any kind of Heavy construction equipment.


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The Importance of Machinery in a Project
When there is a lot of work to be done in a construction project, getting it done quickly and making sure it meets standards is very important. In order to do this, the work must be done by machines. Construction equipment and machinery play a big part. There are a lot of reasons why mechanization is becoming more important: the volume and scope of the project; large-scale material handling projects, optimal use of materials, the shortage of manpower, and high standards of quality.
Choosing the right equipment for a project helps in efficiency, safety, speed, and finish on time. Construction equipment is an important part of the process of building projects. Contractors do not always need to own all of the construction equipment they will need for their project (Zeynalian, & Kalantari, 2018). The contractor has to think about how much it will cost to rent or buy a piece of equipment before making a decision. In the long run, the money spent on equipment should be worth more than what it costs to buy it.
Equipment selection is a very important step in the planning phase before the construction project starts. When you choose equipment, there are a lot of things to think about. Some factors that a machine should meet are: the equipment should be standard, it should be able to be fixed and have a short downtime, it should meet the majority of the job's needs, and it should be able to do multiple things at once (Zeynalian, & Kalantari, 2018). If the equipment is going to be used a lot and for a long time on the project, it will save money to buy it. However, if the equipment is only to be used a few times and for a short period of time, it is better to hire it.

Zeynalian, M., & Kalantari Dehaghi, I. (2018). Choice of optimum combination of construction machinery using modified advanced programmatic risk analysis and management model. Scientia Iranica, 25(3), 1015-1024.

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  • 120ft – 150ft-Straight Boom Lift

    The 30 ft articulating boom lift gives operators unobstructed access to otherwise hard-to-reach areas with its up, out, and over positioning ability. Its ideal for general contractors, steel erectors, or other heavy-duty construction trades,
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    This Cat 2006 140H is in very good working condition. It is rigged out with a 14 ft blade, push block, rear ripper, big rubber 17.5x25 all in the good tread. this machine runs strong, good power. If this grader sells on auction there will be a 10% buyers fee added to the final sale price.
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  • Cat C4.4 ACERT with Twin Turbo

    he 30,000 to 34,000 lb excavator is ideal for any construction or industrial project requiring the excavation, relocation or removal of dirt, rubble and the like. Designed for functionality, this excavator allows operators to easily transport loads from digging sites. Because of its ability to handle hefty loads with its boom and bucket, this excavator is also suited for general maintenance tasks like snow removal or removing debris from demolition zones. It’s a useful tool for construction, demolition and maintenance teams.
    • Great for any earthmoving task
    • Carries up to 34,000 lbs
    • Easily navigates rough terrain
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  • 40000 – 44000 lbs, Excavator

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  • 140 M

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