13.5 Tons, Excavator XE1350

  • $185,000.00

XCMG Official 13.5 Ton RC Hydraulic Excavator Xe135D

XE135D adopts a new engine jointly developed by XCMG and Cummins. It has strong power (the highest power among the same tonnage), high torque at low speed and high fuel economy. It can reduce fuel consumption by 7% compared with the previous generation. New generation internationally famous hydraulic elements are of high rated working pressure, high efficiency, precise control, small impact and long service life.

Combined with the new generation XEICS intelligent control system independently developed by XCMG excavator, it can make full use of engine output power, with optimized fuel power curve, it can save up to 7% fuel under the same level of operating efficiency. The main structural components are all optimized by FEA, and after long-term high-intensity operation assessment, the service life is longer.

1. Ecological and economical
* Customized XCMG exclusive engine can meet Euro stage IV Emission Standard.
* Well-known hydraulic components, higher eficiency.
* Minicomputer control technology makes operation more economical.

2.Multiple applications
* Different boom, arm and bucket combinations can provide excellent all-around versatility.
* Multi-functional work tool system can meet various operational requirements including digging, breaking and so on.

3. Comfortable operating experience
* Air conditioner and heater ensure the appropriate temperature.
* Air-suspension seat equipped with electric heating function.
* Integrated control panel and large display screen provide multiple information.

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The 60,000 to 69,000 lb excavator has many uses, ranging from digging, backfilling, trenching and grading to simply loading or unloading trucks with heavy materials, like dirt, soil, gravel or other heavy items such as piping. Primarily used for its earthmoving capabilities, this excavator’s boom makes it easy to execute digging tasks. It gives operators the range they need to reach certain digging depths. Because it can easily move heavy materials, this excavator is also helpful for maintenance tasks like clearing debris from obstructed or barriered areas.

  • Carries up to 69,000 lbs
  • Boom for outreach capability
  • Essential for most construction or maintenance projects


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